What A Comic Show

Came across this place, while randomly waking through the market and the first thing that struck me was the concept. An entire café based on not the usual theme, i.e. Books, but COMICS! Ranging from the traditional Avengers characters to Spider Girl and even the age old beloved Archie’s comics (Even had a comic on Hanuman!), this place is heaven for all the Comic Con fans. The drinks menu appealed to me the most, so went ahead and ordered The Flash and Hammer of Thor, along with the traditional white sauce Pasta. While the Pasta was good enough, The Flash lacked the punch, something that we comic buffs remember “it” for, with literally no trace of Beer, while The Hammer of Thor fell short on it’s thunder with the so called Green Apple being substituted with chunks of Red Apple dipped in wine instead.

Rishabh is an Intel Software Innovator and Software Developer at Ericsson. While not at work, he loves to review restaurants, get acquainted with new technology, and visit new places.

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