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Located near PVR Anupam Theatre, this little joint shares it’s space with the Frankie outlet,  opposite the Archie’s store. Only if you come closer will you find a small banner hanging from the counter citing Waffle Up’s menu.

The place was a bit hard to find, but once there, our server was kind enough to recommend what to order from the menu, considering most of the items we ordered were either out of stock or had been removed from the menu.

We finally ordered the Bong Waffle – Chocolate Waffle with Nutella & Hot Choco Fudge Sauce and, KitKat, Brownie, Gems and, Chocochip Toppings. Chocolate Waffle with Nutella sauce & duet of Vanilla Chocolate chips toppings, Chocolate Waffle with White Chocolate Fudge sauce & Brownie toppings, and finally a drink to fill everything down – KitKat Shake.

The KitKat Shake was a well balanced mix fully prepared with KitKat fingers which generally isn’t always the case since restaurants just add a single finger of KitKat and then chocolate sauce to make it sweet.


Bong Waffle was the least favorite of the three because of so many different chocolate flavors mixing into one, that resulted in Waffle with a hot,  goey mixture of chocolate topping, with the additional option of adding even more chocolate sauce via a syringe provided with the waffle.

The Chocolate Waffle with Nutella Sauce was our second favorite, because of well Nutella and, the varying sweetness of the chips, that really lead to an amazing combo.


Finally the best combination for us was the Chocolate Waffle with White Chocolate Fudge, which really complemented the Waffle, and browning topping was an icing on this amazing combination.

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