Xiian 2.0: Handiwala

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When I found out about Handiwala and the fact this place was actually renovated by the people who owned Xiian, I expected more of a lounge type ambiance mainly serving drinks and hookah, but to my surprise,I was presented with more of a family oriented layout and menu. Reopened as Handiwala on 1st Feb, the former Xiaan is split into two floors, the ground floor has dim lighting with pots and miniature hanging on one side of the wall, while the first floor with a relatively bright lighting is also where the bar is located.Handiwala Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Coming to the menu which comprised mostly of Indian and Mughalai cuisines , we had ordered the following:

Zaffran ka Paneer Tikka – Well cooked, soft and palatable Paneer Tikkas marinated with Saffron made this one of the best dishes I had that day.
Murg Chop – Well cooked, tender & juicy tandoori chicken thighs. Definitely ticked all the right boxes for me as another great dish.
Mutton Burra – Mutton chops cooked in Mughlai spices. A bit disappointing because the meat content was less.
Dahi ke Kebab – Another amazing dish consisting of soft and succulent fried hung curd, seasoned with spices.

Dal Bukhara – Who knew the traditional Dal Makhni coupled with tomato butter gravy, could be so amazing? Well now we do!
Handi ke Paneer – Another amazing vegetarian that won my heart with it’s aesthetics, but was a let down in terms of taste.
Murgh Makhni – Another amazing dish cooked in tomato butter gravy, similar to it’s veg counterpart. With soft, succulent chicken and the delicious gravy, I thought nothing could go wrong  till I felt small pieces of sugar entering my mouth.
Nihari – Mutton with Bone marrow, Ginger and spices lead to the ultimate finger licking combination and best dish I tasted during my eating frenzy in Handiwala. A must try for all Non-Veg lovers.

Handi Ki Kheer – Unfortunately this was the only dessert option I had except for ice cream, but lucky for me, one of the best kheers I had. Not too sweet, with a nice amount of almond pieces garnished over the top.

Matka Sharbat – An amazing mixture of mint , lemons and sugar presented in an earthen glass that left an amazing after taste. I ended up drinking two of these.
L.I.I.T – What can go wrong when you mix Tequila, Gin, Vodka, White Rum, Triple Sec? Well nothing at Handiwala atleast, the Long Island Iced Tea had the perfect mixture of alcohol content to keep one sober and buzzed at the same time.
Mojito – Another drink that is available almost everywhere, but never always in the right proportions. The bartender managed to pull off another great drink with Mint leaves, brown sugar, lime and white rum all in perfect harmony.
Iced Jaljeera – Another amazing mocktail and the farewell drink, to ensure everything I had so far would successfully be digested ;).

AI Rating – 4.5/5

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