The Belgian Fries Company

The Belgian Fries Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato When I came across this while roaming in Pacific Mall, the first thought that came to my mind was the outlet would serve just a couple of different varieties of fries. Turns out, apart from fries, they also serve waffles, burgers, hot dogs and shakes.

I and my friends ordered 2 combos – Juicy Lamb Burger with Chicken n Cheese Fries & Strawberry Delight Shake, and Signature Fries Burger with Say Cheese Fries & Chocolate Oreo Shake.

The former one was something we relished a lot and recommend to all our non vegetarians friends, especially the Lamb Burger, which is the best and juiciest I have ever had. The fries were loaded with Cheese & Chicken Pieces and tasted similar to Malai Chicken.


The latter with Fries inside the burger was a nice twist and though not as juicy as it’s Non veg counterpart was equally delicious. The signature Fries were also good, and generously loaded with cheese, to ensure not one bite from it would make us complain of not it having enough cheese.

Finally, coming to the shakes, both of them were works of beauty, with both having layers of either Chocos(in the Oreo Shake) or Gems (in the other) around the rim of the glass, and a separation of the actual liquid shake from Whipped Cream and their corresponding sauces. Best part, they tasted equally amazing and complemented well with the already amazing meal.

TAI Rating – 5/5

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