Taking the Healthy Route with GoGourmet

Had the pleasure of trying out GoGourmet today. It was an amazing experience, starting with the well mannered person who was taking my order, helping me in placing the order, to the quick delivery of my order and finally, the order itself. "GoGourmetI had ordered the Chicken Burrito Bowl and Watermelon & Mint Iced Tea.

Chicken Burrito Bowl was a well packed meal with Smoked Chicken, Black Beans, Rice, Salsa and Black Beans. I absolutely loved how they specifically mentioned the Calorie Count on the dish itself, a very thoughtful approach, especially for those keeping track of their calorie count.
The Watermelon and Mint Ice Tea, had a unique taste to it, and it was my first time trying a new flavor, from the usual Lemon and Peach, and it was great!

All in all, it a refreshing experience to finally review something healthy yet delicious as the meal by GoGourmet.

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