Soi 7 Pub & Brewery

Had met up with a friend last week in Gurgaon and we decided to go to Soi 7 and check out how exactly it lived upto it’s expectations. We reached there around midnight (Zomato showed it would be open till 1) and decided to sit outside and enjoy the slight breeze and the night view of Cyber Hub. Unfortunately we were told last order would be entertained if given in 5 minutes, so we had to rush through the menu. Kudos to the server for helping us deciding the food order. After reading the description of the Cobra Punch beer we were really looking forward to something that would tantalize our taste buds, but unfortunately the beer didn’t live up to our expectations. It tasted like any normal freshly brewed beer would, nothing special worth mentioning. The food on the other hand was amazing. We had ordered the Stuffed Thai Mushroom Caps in Veg and Salt and Pepper Chicken both of which were amazingly good and were the kind of quality we expected from the beer as well.

Nonetheless the food, coupled with the late night view especially the Thai Boxing Ring are a combination that will definitely compel me to come here soon.

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