Lunchin with Family!






Staying away from home I miss our family time the most. When I visited home this month, I took them for a fun day out starting with a luxurious movie experience in the morning, a lavish lunch at Big Chill Saket followed by shopping in the evening.






We ordered Panini filled with sundried tomatoes, cheese and perfectly cooked onions for starters. My personal favorite at Big Chill has always been the Fusilli with mushroom and white sauce pasta that we ordered next. The cheese and salt balance in it was perfect, as was the softness of the Fusilli pasta. This was followed by the Four Seasons pizza, where each one of us could spot a slice of our favorite topping. To my surprise, the Banana Walnut Choco-Chip shake that my brother ordered was very appetizing. Last but by far the best was the Mississippi Mud Pie. This was a two layered ice-cream, with a hard chocolate cookie base at the bottom and garnished with chocolate sauce.

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