K Factory – Three course Meal

A three course meal with my new found friends in this new city at K Factory was an amazing experience. It is an ideal place for a group, with many options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. There starters weren’t that impressive but the main course was good if you chose right (according to your taste) from their vast menu. But what would bring me back to this place again are their desserts!

We started off with ordering their famous Garlic Bread served as a whole, in a subway style. I was rather disappointed, as the flavor of both, garlic and salt was insufficient. The Hasselback Potatoes had 5 options of toppings which was unique about this place. This dish was a combination of baked potatoes, cheese, white sauce and herb crème. The topping we chose was of cottage cheese, onions, tomatoes, spices and extra cheese. Yet another disappointment was the two Caffé Mochas which tempted us by its description saying single expresso shot, a chocolate shot, with milk & chocolate flakes.


Then came our main course. Their flatbreads were basically Naan Pizzas with perfectly crisp and thin base. The Feta Mousse Flatbread was good except the white mousse on top which was sour. Both Feta Mousse and Rocket Flatbreads had a topping of caramel syrup which gave it a slight sweet twist. Being a sucker for pasta’s, I couldn’t resist myself from ordering the white sauce fusilli pasta. Although we kept our order simple for this dish, the menu had options of adding Vegetables, Chicken, Lamb, Goan Chorizo or Prawns.

Finally comes my favorite section of the meal. The DESSERTS!!!! After a 10 minute long debate we were able to shortlist two desserts from their tempting dessert menu. The Jack Daniel Caramel Custard with shredded mint leaves & candied walnuts which was dipped in Jack Daniels with a caramelized garnishing on top. It was delicious but I feel it would have been better if the whisky was actually used in the preparation of the custard. The best dish of the evening was the Dark Chocolate, Orange & Cointreau Mousse. It was served along with Choco chips & caramelized walnuts. The beautiful presentation includes strawberry compote, lemon, mint leaves and a piece of white chocolate. The delicious mousse melted so smoothly in our mouths that we ended up ordering two more of these.



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