Instapizza’s Detroit Monster

Instapizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoAfter my previous outing to Instapizza turned out to be quite a surprise, with their pizza occupying the lowest position in terms of taste. But, when I found out that they had launched a new pizza, and that too a massive 10″ x 14″ pizza,¬† I had to try it out.

While placing my order for takeaway, the cashier confirmed if I was planning on taking it back home, since this monster pizza is generally recommended for 4 people at the very least. I ordered the Butter Chicken Detroit Style Pizza, which had a thick pan crust, with caramelized cheese on top of it, coupled with stacks of mozzarella, toppings and yes, butter chicken gravy! This time around the pizza was well made, with each bite being crunchy and satisfying.

The price of it was equally massive, 1800 inclusive of taxes, but considering it took 4 people and 2 sittings to finish the pizza, I’d say it was truly satiating and definitely worth having it at least once.

TAI Rating – 4.5/5

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