Huber & Holly’s The Mighty Midas!

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After hearing/watching about Huber & Holly’s Mighty Midas for so long, I longed to try out their Ice Cream laced with 24 carat gold. When I found out about my trip to HyderabHuber & Holly Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomatoad, I was excited and determined to visit their outlet no matter what. However as luck would have it, the place I had to stay at during my time in Hyderabad was 40 kms. away from the city.

Luckily on the day of my flight, I was able to sneak out a couple of hours and convinced (bribed) my cousin to take me. From the outside Huber & Holly seems like any other ice cream parlor, in fact the entire lane in Banjara Hills consists of only ice cream parlors!

As soon as we entered, we were greeted with a picture showcasing the Mighty Midas ice cream and right next to it, were some of the finest looking desserts I have ever seen like Truffle Oh! and Strawberry Bombshell.

We finally made our way towards the counter all the while admiring the different flavors, toppings, and syrups and wondering what our order would contain. After billing me for INR 1058, we saw how 18 different components were used in it’s making. Obviously we were too preoccupied in looking at how the once empty cone became an work of art, but some of the ingredients that went into making it were as follows – Brownies, Caramelized almonds, Nutty Praline, Rocher balls, Hot fudge, Belgian Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut chocolate, Raspberry rose sorbet macaroon and a hint of passion fruit keeps the sweet quotient within limits. Finally, it was layered with a 24-carat gold foil, and then cooled for 5 minutes so that the foil would stick to the ice cream.

We weren’t done yet though, because my cousin and I had our eyes on two more toppings we wanted to be added to this already near diabetic dessert – Ruby Nutties and Golden Hazelnut Nutties <3. Once our guy agreed to our request, we were presented with the Mighty Midas, complete with a dropper filled with golden syrup and a stick that spewed sparkles upon being lit up!

As we started devouring the Mighty Midas, we realized how much hours we’d have to run just to compensate for the calories we were eating. Unfazed, we still kept gorging on our dessert, each bite filled with at least one, if not multiple toppings, until we finally reached the inner regions of the cone. It is at this point we decided to take a short break after which I had the honor of eating the remaining along with the cone in one go, after which I happily left for the airport.

All said and done (in this case eaten), not just the Mighty Midas, I personally believe most of Huber & Holly’s desserts are definitely worth trying at least once if not multiple times. Kudos to the staff to making my experience a truly amazing one!

AI Rating – 4.5/5

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