How to enjoy a bachelorette in Goa in Off-Season?

Pack all your sexy, exposed & so to say slutty clothes and bikinis!!!!!

Short of time to go abroad, we chose to go to Goa for my bestie’s fucking awesome Bachelorette. Mind it, besides being friends for more than 10 years, this was only our second trip out of our city and it had to be fucking awesome.

Me, being a party/trip planner every time, was assigned the duty to make a mind-blowing itinerary. My first reaction, No Goa – It’s Off Season. But keeping in mind the time constraints we all had and the wedding planned at such short notice, we had a mutual consensus.

So, what’s the first question?

Where do we stay? – Well this one was easy and if you have reached this part of the article, it means you definitely are planning a bachelorette and hence you already know the answer. After minimal debate we decided we would stay near Baga and Calangute. Debate occurred in the first place due to the amazing hotel options in the city, slightly away from the beaches. Some hidden in the hills, some with a very earthy look and feel and some very classy & luxurious. Besides these beautiful options, we only agreed to stay in Calangute since we got an amazing deal for a beautiful resort close to the beach – “La Vie Woods”.

It is beautiful. The wooden huts, the décor, the cute little swimming pool in the center (I wish it was a little bigger) and the decent buffet at the side of the pool. Besides the sheets covering the huts (and its beauty) to protect it from monsoon, we ended up having a photo session every morning on the stairs.

Next Question: Where do we get drunk?

Well you can get drunk almost everywhere in Goa, that’s the beauty of this place. Hotel, Beaches, Mountains, Restaurants, anywhere and everywhere…..well besides the roads ofcourse.

So my next step was to plan our three nights first, which was as follows:

Night 1: LPK Waterfront – A beautifully designed club located near the Nerul river, has beautiful interiors and décor. The location of the club makes it soundproof to the outside world.

Night 2: Baga Beach Shacks and Clubs – There is nothing like chillin at the shacks in Goa. Being off-season, it wasn’t too crowded. We had beers on the shacks and then decided to go club hopping at Baga. One could also head to another hidden gem – Club Cabana, which gets the elite tourist crowd of Goa. Just make sure to call up before heading there, since it closes down during off-season.

Night 3: Deltin Royal Casino – This turned out to be one of the best nights in Goa. Deltin Royal stands true to its name. The décor and the service makes you feel royal and elite. We got a great deal at Rs.2500 for a Weekday Ladies Package, which included Buffet Dinner, Unlimited Hard Drinks and Entertainment shows. Do keep in mind that the unlimited drinks and food usually has a time limit of around 12a.m. or 1a.m. depending on the rules of the casino. Entertainment show had a mix of live music, belly dancing, etc. We also got Rs.1500 one time playing chips included in the package.

Would you wanna sleep and miss out on a beautiful experience during the day? We know Goa is about getting drunk and partying all night, but there is more to it. Goa is a beautiful state with beautiful scenery, monuments and roads. So where do you head during the day?


  • Just put on your beachwear and have a beautiful sunrise view at any beach nearest to your place. Grab a bottle of beer, lay down a bedsheet on the sand and just relax. Pop in the sea anytime you want to feel the waves touching you. Get a tattoo or a relaxing massage at the beach at quite cheap prices.
  • Don’t miss out getting yourself clicked at Chapora Fort in the famous “Dil Chahta Hai” pose. In just a kilometers trek you will reach the top. There is actually not much in the Fort, but it is beautiful and perfect to watch a sunrise. I also spotted a unique phenomenon from the fort with an area on the beach having waves moving in a perpendicular direction.  
  • We also took a long drive to Bohim in search of a particular church. Although the church was closed, our journey turned out to be beautiful. We spotted a lot of beautiful sceneries along the way, sat down for a cup of tea and enjoyed the weather. 
  • Another place to visit for a beautiful evening is Thallasa. The food and the ambience are simply amazing.
  • We did miss out on the water sports and the famous night markets in Goa due to it being closed during off-season.

Do I have any Dislikes about the place? Just one. It may be because we were a group of three girls, or maybe because it was off-season, but we experienced a lot of eve-teasing throughout our journey from fellow tourists as well as the stall-waala’s at the Chapora Fort. This is not at all acceptable and I seriously hope the Goan Government and the Police looks into it.

P.S. – Don’t miss out on the Goan local dessert – “The Toffee Doodle” available in different flavors.

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