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An absolutely amazing place to dance, watch matches and if not anything else, just chill. Was here with a couple of friends and as we made our way through different dishes and drinks, the chefs made sure we couldn’t find fault in one.





We had ordered:

Nachos Overloaded – Crunchy nachos topped with hot Parmesan cheese, need I say more?

Corn Cheese Seekh – A well presented and delicious dish that made us drool just by it’s smell.

Tuna Pizza – A bit spicy, but one of the crunchiest pizza I have ever had. The well seasoned pizza couple with the unique topping of Tuna definitely made this a must try dish in Indirapuram Habitat Center.

Melonila – Who  knew watermelon, lemon and basil could taste so good? Even prior to the addition of Kingfisher, this amazing drink which is enough for atleast 4 people, was literally a thirst quencher.

Electric Bulb – Blue Curacao mixed with Lemonade and topped with lemon. This citrus drink is definitely not for the faint hearted. With so much sweetness going on, you definitely need to hold this drink. Loved the presentation of this mocktail and yes, the glass below and the red liquid are just for presentation purposes.

Skeleton One – The skeleton shaped glass was suited for this mixture of mint syrup with cumin, rock salt, lime and coke! We know with so many flavors in a single cocktail it became

AI Rating -5/5

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