Hard Rock Cafe – Christmas Special

Twas the night before Christmas, I and my friends decided to go to Hard Rock Cafe after learning about the 10 new flavors of LIIT they were offering. After being shown to our seats, we ordered the menu. We already knew about the offer going on – 5 sampler LIIT shots, 1 LIIT glass and a bowl of Veg Nachos that was being broadcasted across social media, but unfortunately the staff at HRC didn’t. So after 10 minutes of us showing them the offer and them, asking around to find out the validity of the offer, were finally asked to choose from 8 choices (2 of them were exempted for some reason). The first set of shots as recommended by our server were actually good, each with their own mixture of different flavors and alcohol, and the veg nachos were amazing and very crispy, enough to give away that they were freshly baked. While ordering a second round of shots from 1 of the 2 offers given on the menu, we were told we couldn’t order, since only 1 offer was valid per table. Thus ensued another 5-10 mins debate, that the previous offer was not part of the menu but an ongoing promotional one. Nonetheless we were presented with our shots but as you can see in the photo the level of the shots as well as the concentration of alcohol(based on the color) was less. Fortunately, our server was kind enough to observe the same and get it replaced.

All in all after continuous shortcomings the HRC staff helped us have an awesome time with the varied flavors of LIIT and the nachos.

Texas Iced Tea, Boston Iced Tea and Love is in the Air are most recommend if you’re looking for something strong.

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