Fu.D Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoEver found yourself in a situation where you’re on a tight budget and literally most of the dine-in/delivery options prices make you consider sleeping on an empty stomach? Every month, right? Well what if I told you there’s this place in Vipul Square, Phase 1, with an amazing menu but not that amazing roads leading to it (Damn you Gurgaon roads). What makes Fu.D totally worth the pain is it’s assortment of amazing dishes & drinks, coupled with their decor, which adds to the place’s charm. Did I mention their most expensive dish costs INR 119? <3

Since it was my first time at Fu.D and I came prepared with an empty stomach, there were a lot of dishes and drinks ordered that night. While I can’t really go into details with all the dishes and drinks I tried, the following are the ones that I would recommend to anyone planning on trying out the place:

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1. Strawberry Gunshot – One of their signature drinks, a perfect combination of Lemon, Masala and Strawberry.
2. Cold Coffee – One of the best coffees I have tasted. I’ve heard their hand beaten coffee is the real deal, and considering they use more or less the same process to make the 2 drinks, I can definitely vouch for it.
3. Kiwi Dynamite – Another signature drink, another perfect combination of Lemon, Masala and Kiwi.
4. Choco Cookie (Takeaway obviously) – The drinks were amazing this far, why not take one for the road? 😉 Another amazing masterpiece of a drink, with the right tones of chocolate and crunchiness mixed into one.

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1. Achari Chicken Momos – A great tribute to momo lovers who have got used to and sick of eating plain steamed/fried momos everyday. I tried the Steamed version and every bite was worth it.
2. Chilly Seekh Kebab – A wee less on the spicy side, but the juiciness made up for it.
3. Mac n Cheese – One can simply never go wrong with Mac n Cheese, and Fu.D ensured I get my macaroni fully loaded with Cheese.
4. Chicken Sharantha – A great take on my favorite street food, minus the maida, and without any compromise with the taste. A great option for those looking to eat Rolls guilt free.

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What made my trip even more amazing was the chance to meet up with the owners, who sat down with me to explain about their journey and how they ended up opening a place that they always looked forward to eat/order from offering Great Quality Food with the lowest pinch possible on one’s wallet.

TAI Rating – 5/5

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