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So I ordered from FLIP Cafe a couple of days back. Initially my order was Popeye’s Favorite, Penne Mix Cream, Cheesy Fries + Chicken with Sweet Chill Garlic Honey. HoweThe FLIP Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomatover, I later found out from the owner that they had discontinued Popeye’s Favorite. This for me was a huge gesture by the owner to call and apologize for not updating the menu on Zomato, and to suggest my alternate pizza order.

Another huge plus for me, was for the delivery guy to call and confirm the place before leaving to ensure timely delivery. As expected the delivery was on time, and the order well packed, and a bit cold, but that was expected and already communicated by the owner while placing my order.

And now we come to the main part, the food:

Farm House – Currently on Zomato, the price tag is shows as 210. This however is for the 6 inch version. For 9 inch it’ll cost you an extra INR 80O. So before placing the order do confirm the size of the pizza. In terms of quantity and quality, the pizza was almost at par with the other pizza joints, so nothing special here.

Penne Mix Cream – With Bell Peppers, Capsicum and mix sauce, this pasta is a must have for veggies looking to get some good pasta. Judging by the taste of the mix sauce, one can assume their white sauce variant would be even better.

Cheesy Fries + Chicken with Sweet Chill Garlic Honey – While I expected more in terms of quantity, the taste coupled with the amazing choice of Sweet Chill Garlic Honey helped forget me about the quantity issue in no time.

For those tired of ordering from Pizza Hut, Subway and Dominos, especially near Sector 110, Noida, FLIP Cafe is definitely worth a try!

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