Chocolate Appreciation and Tasting Session By Art Chocolat 3.0

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Hey Guys! We are overwhelmed with joy to share yet another successful event drowned in chocolates. For the first time an Indian bank – Kotak Mahindra has joined hands with these chocolatiers to create awareness about the history and making of chocolate bars from the cocoa beans.

Loved their quotes and thought behind this session – “Bank Balances and chocolates both look good in round figures. How about a box of truffles for every time you Kotak bank balance goes up by an extra zero?”

Our Top Picks:

  1. Orange Cinnamon Velvet that simply melted away in my mouth
  2. Crisp Honeycomb Sponge by Chocomaya, that also had an amazing after taste
  3. Four varieties of chocolates from different countries by The Sugar Therapy
  4. The Caramel Eclipse starring with toffee and chocolate with caramelized nuts by Soi Sherro
  5. The beautiful mix of Paan, Mint and Chocolate, Belgium meets beneras, by Hargur’s Kitchen
  6. Amazing Café Renverse by I Am Chocolate with a coffee twist

The Chocolatiers presenting their art:

Vini Soni – Chocomaya

  1. Spicy Guava – A chocolate celebration of this quintessential Indian fruit equal parts tart, sweet, peppery, and all around delicious
  2. Lavender & earl grey bonbon – A delightful pick-me-up after a long day of work, with, invigorating tea and fragrant Lavender to distress the day
  3. Matcha Meltaway – An orchestrated dance of chemistry creates a love potion in every bite
  4. Orange Cinnamon Velvet – A perfect Bliss
  5. Honeycomb Sponge – Crispy and appetizing


Divya Kakkar – The Sugar Therapy

Her art was yet again a unique and innovative idea. She has used cocoa beans from 4 different countries and made chocolate in the same proportion richness and showed us how the chocolate has varied from region to region from its taste to its texture. The one from Peru feels slightly crude, while the one from Tanzania was very soft. My personal favorite was the one from the Republic of cote d’ivoire which was extremely smooth and apt for my taste buds. And lastly the one from Ecuador had a beautiful peculiar sweetness. The presentation for all was beautifully captured in the shape of the national animals of the respective countries.

Munmun Manku – I AM CHOCOLATE

  1. Café Renverse (The Traditional French café au lat reversed with a Swiss twist
  2. Cercle d’Amour – I love u like a circle because the circle never ends. Little circles of amour, full of chocolate deliciousness

Harveen Garcha – Hargur’s Kitchen

  1. Belgium meets beneras – A beautiful marriage of paan and chocolate, its fresh , its minty and yes its chocolatey
  2. Strawberry bombs – That explodes in your mouth with a blast of the berry flavor
  3. Torino Truffle – Hazelnut overtones dominate these truffles. Thanks to Gianduja, a hazelnut chocolate recipe from Turin







Priyanka Goyal – Soi Sherro

  1. Whispers of Passion – The red rose breathes love and the sweet lychee whispers passionto create an epic story of chocolate romance
  2. Caramel Eclipse – Perfectly signed notes of chocolate and toffee with a corona of peanuts in the path of a complete caramel totality




Art Chocolate – Academy of chocolate arts

  1. Lemon Coconut truffle
  2. Orange Passion
  3. Strawberry Mango duet
  4. Minty Lime


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