Cherry Comet

This was the last place on our list of Instant Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Ice Creams. With already having our full of Instant ice Creams, I looked forward to how this place would do in comparison to others and it did extremely well on that note. With seating arrangements available both inside and outside the store, to the unique flavors (Banarasi Punch (Paan), Gulaab-e-Litchi (Rose) to Belgian Bolero), Cherry Comet was a delight! Unfortunately the Banarasi Punch flavor was finished by then, so we ordered Gulaab-e-Litchi and Belgian Bolero. The former was surprisingly amazing as compared to the latter, and this coming from a hard core Chocoholic, means it was that amazing a flavor. As my companion had said, you can never go wrong with Chocolate, and she was right, the Belgian Bolero was amazing, and a must try for all the dark chocolate fans.

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