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I’ve always had the opinion of trying out food items/drinks that are special to a restaurants menu, so while deciding on ordering from Captain Grub I decided on the following order:

Vermont Maple Float
Red Velvet Jar
Anything else recommended by them (I had my eyes on Sloppy Joe Burger and/or Honey Lime Crispy Wings)

However the very tone of the person taking the order was very unwelcoming and what added to this bad experience was that 2.5 hours into the opening of the joint (They open at 7 PM), they were no longer serving Vermont Maple Float and were already out of Red Velvet! I was almost about to blame the huge demand for Red Velvet for this, but found out they were out of ALL desserts, with 7 hours of their working hours still left!

Disappointed with all this, and no help from the order taker with recommendations, I finally ended up ordering a Sloppy Joe Burger and 2 shakes – Peanut Butter Blast and Ferrero Rocher Shake. The order took 40 minutes to arrive and was well packed. The shakes were decent, after all once one has had the same drink over and over, it doesn’t matter where it is from unless the restaurant adds a special twist to it,so they weren’t anything special. The burger however, was a mood lifter with the soft lamb meat really doing wonders in the taste department, coupled with the potato wedges, and onion rings.

It was a okay experience altogether and really shows how bad planning by the restaurants can lead to situations like what I experienced with Captain Grub.

TAI Rating – 3/5

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