Brunch in Hitchki – I could never imagine would be so beautiful.

For starters we ordered “Bread Ka Badshah”- a Ladi Pav with a Baba Adam twist. A perfect starter with the right amount of spices and softness.


A brunch isn’t complete without a perfectly blended “Iced Mochaccino”.

This was followed by “Kadai Paneer Lasagna” with paneer tikka sheets and sabzi ratatouille in between along with a portion of cheese garlic naan. The paneer was soft and the taste was just heavenly. I really loved their menu having complete combination dishes instead of having whole portions of Daal, Paneer and Indian Breads to choose from.


The “Mere Pass Maa Hai” was a combination of Buttery Dal Makhani cooked overnight, served with aloo and garlic naan. This was the only dish that disappointed me as the Dal Makhani was not good at all. The waiters informed me that the making style was different, but still I didn’t find it very appetizing.

Finally the cherry on top was the “Baratiyo Ka Swagat”. This innovative and beautifully plated dish was absolutely delicious. The base was a truffle cake with pan pasand mixed throughout with a custard hemisphere on the top. This was beautifully paired with candy floss decorated on top like the Sehra of an Indian Groom.

Would love to check out the other dishes of my list soon.

Overall Rating – 4/5

Presentation – 4.5/5

Service – 4/5

Food – 4/5

Drinks – 4.5/5

Ambience – 4/5

Innovation – 4/5


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