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I’ve always been a fan of the breweries that have been coming up in Sector-29, with each of them offering their special touch, be it flavored beer or simple improving the quality of the beer itself.BRONX Bar Exchange Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

So when I entered Bronx, I expected a similar thing, but Bronx was way beyond that, and the fact it was almost full by 8 on a Friday evening really tells one why. Covering 3 floors with the second floor partly and the open terrace completely dedicated for those wanting to enjoy a smoke while enjoying their beer, Bronx caters to each and everyone’s needs. Did I mention they also have a dance floor and Bar Exchange concept running parallel to their Brewing? Oh, and each table has a lit up cube, which can not only change colors but also has a disco mode as well!

Coming to their menu, I had the following food items:

Potato Wedges served with a Cheesy Dip – A simple dish made out of this world because of the cheesy dip.

Chicken Caesar Salad – Healthy dishes are generally  misunderstood to be tasteless, but these guys were clearly not mistaken. Not once while eating my way through the salad did I feel like I was eating something tasteless. Well cooked and seasoned salad. Definitely a must try!

Hot Wings – Word of caution, these bad boys are really spicy! Just to ensure one doesn’t start sweating like a pig they accompany this dish with Hot BBQ sauce, which has a sweet tinge to it, and helps in recuperating from the spiciness.

Chicken Extravaganza Pizza – Well as the name suggests, this Pizza came perfectly seasoned and loaded with Per Peri Chicken, BBQ Chicken, and Chicken Sausage <3. Certainly a must try if you decide to order a Non Veg Pizza.

Non Veg Kebab Platter – Another must try dish for all die hard meat lovers. The platter consists of – Chicken Tikka, Murgh Malai Tikka, Lamb Seekh and finally Fish Tikka. In my case I found the lamb to be a bit chewy, however the softness of both Murgh Malai and Fish Tikka, and the absolute amazing taste of the former made up for it.

Premium Lager – I’m not an avid lover of beer, and even if I decide to have a glass it has always been Dark Lager because of it being generally the most strongest. In Bronx however, while sampling all 3, the Premium Lager with just the right amount of sweetness and hops to balance it, took me by surprise. The sweet after taste left after finishing my glass, compelled me to order another one, this time ensuring I thoroughly enjoy it.

Jalebi Rabri Cigar Rolls – The all time favorite Jalebi Rabri has been reinvented by Bronx, as in instead of the normal serving, they provide shot glasses filled with Rabri and accompanying Cigar Rolls. Certainly a unique approach to an evergreen delicacy.

Unfortunately each of the item’s serving was so much, that I didn’t have the chance to try out the main course! My experience at Bronx however was enough to definitely make me return a couple of times to try out all the other delicacies that they have to offer.

AI Rating -5/5

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