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My journey of trying out all the Biryani joints in Gurgaon lead me to order from 19 Flavours Biryani today. Taken aback by their assorted menu apart from Biryani(s) and unable to decide what to order from, their kind staff happily assisted with it, and I ended up ordering one each of their best known items.

My order came well packed (so well packed, that it took us 2 minutes to just open the Mint Raita’s packaging), and included:

Udham Chicken Biryani, – On opening the packaging we were treated with such a strong aroma of what would turn out to be a fine mixture of Spices, Soft & Succulent Chicken Pieces, and a sweet after taste due to the Onions. The accompanying Mint Raita and Mirchi ka Salan, complemented the Biryani perfectly, with each of them adding even more flavor.

Hara Bhara Kebab – These innocent looking kebabs packed a spicy punch. So much so, we ended up drinking 3 glasses of water each after finishing them. The side sauce also helped in ensuring we did not end up crying our eyes out.

Kulhad Phirni – Neither too sweet nor bland, this sweet dish was an excellent way to cool down and provide much needed relief to our scorched tongues.

And finally, their Ulte Tawe Kathi Roll –  While initially hesitant with ordering, the Dubba Ghost Mutton Roll was an absolute delight. The soft exterior Roll, and the equally soft Mutton were a relishing experience and I look forward to order from them soon enough.

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